About Us


Mozambik 4 Home is the grocery division of the successful Mozambik Restaurant and Lifestyle Group. We have developed several Box Sets designed to make meal preparation at home a breeze, and to enjoy the unmistakable taste of our brand at any time.

In addition, we are continually adding new Box Sets as well as additional product lines that will make sharing, selling and earning additional income a breeze.

As you are one of the first to join our family of representatives, you will be able to see the brand and product range, and ergo your potential income, grow in leaps and bounds.

Commitment to you



Chef At Home

Create the delicious taste of Mozambik at home

Support Local

By purchasing from Mozmabik4Home you are supporting your local representative and community enterprise

Fresh, Very Fresh

At Mozambik4Home we package on order, frozen from fresh

The Taste Of Escape

You cannot get these flavours anywhere else